20 Cavity 2.5 Inch Standard Square Silicone Soap Bar Mold

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20 Cavity 2.5 Inch Standard Square Silicone Soap Bar Mold



Do you need to make high volume soaps for a party? If yes, then you need a mold that can create dozens of soaps at one time. This mold can make up to twenty simple squares. It is ideal for creating quick and unique soaps, you can add a special treat in the center like a shell or another soap. Simple is sometimes better when it comes to soaps because then one can focus on the scents more. A mold like this will make your life much easier in the kitchen. You might want to get more than one if you plan on making several batches. This mold will let you experiment with scents and designs.

If you're looking for a mold that will make multiple bars of soap at once, this is the mold for you. Made out of durable silicone, this mold makes it easy to pop soap bars out once they've formed. It's simple with this cavity mold to fill all the spots in one pouring motion, saving you time and energy.

This silicone soap mold makes up to twenty miniature bars of soap at once, each bar measuring 2.5 inches square. It's the perfect size to use as party favors, sample soaps or just to experiment with different scents and colors without using a lot of resources. This mold also makes it simple to add surprises in each cavity, such as a tiny toy, miniature favor or even a pressed flower. Just use your imagination and creativity to come up with personalized soaps that are sure to please.

One problem with soap bar molds is that they can be difficult to fill all at once. This mold takes away the struggle and makes your job a piece of cake. Not only is it easy to use this mold, it's easy to clean as well. The silicone material easily washes either by hand or in the dishwasher. If you also make foods such as chocolates, this mold can even be boiled to ensure all lye or other harmful ingredients have been removed before use for food. Silicone is one of the best options for soap molds. It is a natural material and can withstand both extremely hot temperatures and extremely cold temperatures. It resists damage due to age, sunlight and chemicals, and can evenly distribute heat, ensuring you get the best set for your soap. Silicone is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Finally, it's perfect as a soap mold because it is so flexible. Easily pop soaps out simply by firmly pushing from the bottom of the mold.

It's no wonder this twenty cavity mold is a popular choice. It's simple to use and is very versatile. Just imagine all the different kinds of soap you could try with this mold. If you decide you want to make larger batches of mini soaps for special events or as samples, consider getting a few of these molds and optimizing your efficiency in the kitchen. Your friends will love seeing your creativity shine. This is one purchase you won't regret, and you can get it at Top Molds.

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L 13.4
H 1.3
W 10.8
length molded product (in) No
height molded product (in) No
width molded product No
weight molded product (ounces) No

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