3 Large Floral Hearts Soap Bar Mold

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3 Large Floral Hearts Soap Bar Mold



Flowers are appropriate for just about any occasion where gifts are called for, but they aren't always the best choice of a gift. Allergies can make a bouquet really unpleasant for a recipient, and flowers don't last very long at all. Are you determined to give a gift that smells lovely, but you don't want to buy a bottle of perfume that may not even be to someone's taste? Selecting a gift can be incredibly stressful, and making a one-time purchase covers only one occasion.

If you enjoy crafts, making gifts is as much fun as giving or receiving them and there's incredible variety in hand-crafted presents. Scrapbooks, candles, picture frames, bath oils, soaps- the list is endless. Creating a useful gift while indulging your love of crafts is a present to both yourself and the recipient. It's much easier to customize a handmade gift to a person's likes and dislikes than it is to browse for hours to find just that perfect present.

What if you could incorporate several gift ideas into a single package? Flowers, soaps and someone's favorite scent, for instance, can all be combined into a gift of handmade scented floral-shaped soaps. With a floral heart soap mold, you can make an unlimited number of handcrafted soaps to hand out as gifts at any occasion. Dye the soap someone's favorite color, add in a few drops of their favorite essential oil and you have a customized gift that gave you hours of fun to make.

Not only do handcrafted gifts involve more personal effort, they show that you really know the person you're giving the gift to. There's another benefit that makes the purchase of soap molds for your crafts kit even more useful. Do you have a large function coming up and you're not sure who you're going to be giving a gift to? Rather than buy a bland 'hot ticket' item that the person may not like, create decorative and functional soaps without a scent. Not only can the recipient use the soaps, they can add them to a guest bathroom for an added touch to the decor.

With an order from Top Molds, you can feed your love of crafts and prepare for a season of gift-giving that takes stress off of you and your wallet. Pamper yourself by making a soap with your favorite fragrant, in your favorite color, and enjoy being able to customize a gift basket without having to brave crowded stores that may not even have exactly what you're looking for. When you make the gift yourself, you're certain to get just the result that you want.

What Valentine's Day is complete without a bunch of hearts or flowers? Now, you can combine the two with this silicone mold that will make lovely bars of soap. It has three cavities to fill with whatever you desire. The shapes are little rounded hearts made from flowers. These will make perfect Valentines for a class or your best friends. Just be sure that you make enough for everybody! Who can resist flowered filled hearts that are as sweet as can be? You can make somebody's day by giving them a whole basket full of these heart soaps!

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