Chocolate Molds

We welcome you to peruse and enjoy our selection of custom chocolate molds that have been hand-picked for your benefit. These silicone chocolate molds are perfect for making and molding chocolate into creative shapes and designs. We try to offer as broad of a selection of chocolate candy molds and other types of molds as possible because we know that when it comes to fun food related arts and crafts (especially homemade chocolate candy) you can never have too big of a selection to choose from. So please, take a look around and be sure to share any of your creations with us on Facebook to receive a free gift on your next order!
Making chocolate candy is fun for everyone involved, especially kids and family members. Our silicone chocolate molds are made from 100% silicone rubber and are safe for your children and loved ones. When it comes to customized chocolate molds, there is only one place to shop, and that is right here at TopMolds. And remember, all orders ship from our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA within 24 hours of receiving them. One last perk – we care about our communities and especially children. That is why we pledge 1% of the profit from each and every sale to charities that promote and further the arts and art education in schools with our 1% For The Arts program.