Flower in a Flower Soap and Candle Mold

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Flower in a Flower Soap and Candle Mold



The added dimension of the flower in a flower mold makes it the perfect choice when you want to create stunning soaps or even candles. This single cavity mold offers the ability to replicate perfect results over and over. Due to its silicone construction, this mold offers easy release as well as cleanup when you are finished. No matter what your crafting goals may be, this single cavity flower in a flower silicone mold will help you to accomplish them with ease.

Top Molds is now featuring this Flower-In-A-Flower mold which will help you to easily create beautiful scented candles and luxurious handcrafted soaps. The flower-within-a-flower concept is brilliant because it adds an intricate multifaceted design to your candles and soaps without the use of multiple molds.

This is a major advantage for a beginner, since double cavity molds can be complicated to use when first learning the art of candle and soap making. So, unlike most candle and soap molds for sale, this one contains a single cavity, ensuring the same results every time it is used. Also, because each design will look exactly like the others, it will be easier for the professional candle and soap makers to mass-produce their products for eventual sale.

Not only are these single cavity molds simple to fill, but because they are manufactured from silicone, your candle wax or soap should easily release from the mold's surface once its dried. This preserves the intricacy of the design and you do not have to worry about wasting materials while making multiple attempts at molding. Simply scratch a bit at the edge and you are bound to be amazed at the ease of removal.

And since the mold is so simple to use, creating soap and candle art could not be easier. Just think of the multiple flower-laden project ideas you can experiment with. They'll bring an exquisite touch of springtime to your home.

You can design splendid candles to add some charm to your bedroom or living area. Not to mention the elegant soaps you can make to spice up your wash room. Just line metal trays with different colors or set them in small wicker baskets for display. And, as Easter approaches, think of all the lovely home-made gifts that you craft with this mold. You can use a variety of colors and scents to replicate an eye-catching bouquet made from either soap or candles, then wrap them in a pastel-colored box for your loved ones.

Then, when it's time to clean-up, the mold can be easily washed. Because there is no sticking or staining with silicone, you don't have to do more than wipe the inside of your mold with a wet cloth to clean it. This is quick and convenient if you plan to mold multiple soaps or candles at one sitting. Or, if you prefer, you can place the mold in the dishwasher. The tough silicone material will not melt, because it has a much higher melting point than plastic or rubber, even though it looks similar to both.

It's hard to believe, but all this versatility, ease and fun can be yours for only $7.95 plus shipping and handling, so order yours today to get started!

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L 2.4
H 1.3
W 2.6
length molded product (in) No
height molded product (in) No
width molded product No
weight molded product (ounces) No

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