Snowflake Silicone Soap Bar Mold

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Snowflake Silicone Soap Bar Mold



Welcome winter with this distinctive snowflake soap bar mold. The elegant design of this snowflake shaped soap mold makes it ideal for creating an eye-catching design. Whether you want to create winter-themed soaps for use in your own home or to hand out to friends and family members on your gift list this year, this snowflake soap bar mold is a perfect choice. With its silicone construction, you can rely on this mold for flawless results.

The art of soap-making is one that dates back thousands of years. There is even evidence that the Babylonians were honing their soap-making skills as early as 2800 B.C. Of course, the Babylonians didn't have the creative and distinctive soap molds available at! If they had, surely the soaps of that lost age would still be remembered today. Why not continue this practical and beautiful art yourself by purchasing some of the unique and clever soap molds for sale on site?

Top Molds makes the process of soap making much quicker and more exciting than the chore it was back in ancient times. From animal and nature designs to more abstract floral and patterned styles,the soap molds available at their website show off a distinctive style found only here. All of the molds are elegant and delightful. Whether you are creating bars of soap as a creative and practical gift for friends and family or starting your own soap-making business, the folks at Top Molds offer the perfect variety to meet your design needs.

Looking for the perfect seasonal soap bar mold? Top Molds now offers a snowflake silicone soap bar mold! The detailed artwork in the snowflake's pattern ensures that customers will be able to recreate the intricate, one-of-a-kind look of a real snowflake. This design is perfect for creating that distinct and flawless winter soap bar as a gift for friends and family, as a seasonal addition to your business or for use in your own home. All of the molds at Top Molds are crafted out of durable silicone, so you can be sure that any mold you choose will provide the quality and quantity that meets your needs. The snowflake mold is found in a soft pink color and forms a graceful, realistic snowflake. The twelve circular points complete the finely crafted, flake-shaped pattern that can be used over and over again to create perfectly shaped snowflakes that you can take into the bath with you.

Crafting the perfect unique bar of distinctive soap, such as the stylish snowflake soap bar, is easy to accomplish with the handy and versatile molds that are available here now. Top Molds offers a variety of unique and timely molds to fit just about anyone's needs, interests and personality. Soon you, too, can be practicing an ancient art with a not-so-ancient flair. Complete your order at today!

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L 3.1
H 1.3
W 2.8
length molded product (in) No
height molded product (in) No
width molded product No
weight molded product (ounces) No

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