Soap Molds

There are so many wonderful things to love about homemade soap! When you make your own soap you not only save a lot of money, but you also choose (and know) what ingredients to use, which means more variety in scents, bases, and so-on. This is important for those of us who are conscious of what they put in and on their bodies, especially our children’s bodies, because some conventional soaps have harsh chemicals and detergents in them. Of course the best part about making soap is that you get to use soap making molds to mold your soap into creative shapes like flowers and hearts, or classic soap bars and shapes as well. We invite you to enjoy our selection of silicone soap molds and soap making supplies.

Making your own soap at home is one of the easiest and creative ways you can live a more frugal and natural life. Soap making is a fun and very enjoyable hobby. By learning to make your own soap you will be able to provide product for yourself and your family, you can sell your soap at local farmers markets, you can sell at craft shows, or you can even create a shop for selling your soap at one of the online retailers. Everyone you know will enjoy receiving a beautiful bar of hand made soap as a gift. One of the first steps toward creating these beautiful, hand crafted soaps is to decide on the mold you will use.

Once you learn the basics of soap making, you will want to invest in some of the beautiful designs and soap bar molds that are available. Molds can be made from many different materials but the easiest to use is the silicone mold. There are many benefits to using a silicon mold rather than a wooden or plastic mold. Soap will not stick to silicon molds and this allows you to more easily remove the soap. An additional benefit of using a silicone mold is that they do not leave behind lines or marks that other molds may create. Silicone molds can be found in select retail hobby or craft stores and online you can visit Top Molds online to find a large selection.

When you shop for your silicone soap mold you will find numerous designs ranging from juvenile, to formal, to classy. You will also find silicone molds available in individual sizes, small batch trays, and large batch trays such as a multiple cavity mini-square mold. There are different reasons for choosing each type of mold.

Individual silicone soap molds are most often used when creating small batches of soap. Because you are able to create only one bar at a time, the single soap mold will offer you the opportunity to create one of a kind designs and scents.

Using a silicone tray mold will allow you to create larger batches of soap with a single scent and design. Tray molds come in various sizes and shapes. These molds can create square, oval, or rectangle shaped bars. The mold may or may not include a design on each bar. Silicone tray molds are a wonderful way to create many bars at a time for parties or gifts.

As you become more creative with soap making you can have fun with 3D silicone molds. These molds create a realistic shaped soap with some of the most popular being the duck and teddy bear. Using silicone molds for your soap making will increase your creativity and make your soap making experience easier.

Each custom soap mold comes individually packaged and is shipped to your door directly from our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA which means you can expect to be making homemade soap in a matter of days after placing your order instead of waiting weeks for something to ship from overseas. Our custom soap molds and homemade soap supplies are hand-picked by our in-house soap making experts who have tested many of our products themselves. Be sure to check back often because we are constantly adding to our inventory of molds in all categories. Also, remember that 1% of the profit from each and every sale on the TopMolds website is donated to charities that promote the arts and art education in schools through our 1% For The Arts program.