Circle Wheat Harvest Soap Bar Mold

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Circle Wheat Harvest Soap Bar Mold



Wheat has has several symbols over the last thousand years. It is often associated with prosperity, hard work, home, and even love. However, it sometimes has a link to Christianity. If none of these iconographic symbols appeal to you, then you can make up your own meaning. How about bagels? They are one of your favorite foods, and they are made with grains and wheat. Plus, this silicone soap mold is circular. Can you see a pattern here? We thought you might. Of course, most people prefer the ancient meanings such as charity or the harvest. However, we doubt this soap will inspire such debates.

There are plenty of great uses for soap and great molds from Top Molds that can help to spur your imagination. If you fancy yourself a soap maker, and silicone molds for soap are part of your everyday tools, then here are some ideas on how you can use the circle wheat harvest soap mold from Top Molds.

Soap Is Great for a Thanksgiving Gift

Do you have some friends or family that you are visiting for Thanksgiving? You can use your crafting skills and make up a nice batch of scented wheat harvest soaps to pass along as a gift. There are plenty of scents and colors you can use to create a gift that is both beautifully scented and looking spectacular. They will also love the personal touch you gave their gift!

Soap Figures for Any Room in the Fall

When decorating your home in the fall, having the perfect accessory is important. Many people decorate the outside of their home for fall, so why not the inside? In each bathroom, you can place the circle wheat harvest soap you have made. Make them in different colors to match your own decor, and use scents that evoke feelings of autumn.

Soap for Your Guests

Are you hosting a fall feast this year? If so, the circle wheat harvest soap mold is perfect for this job as well. A small gift of soap at each table setting is not only polite to give to your guests, but also highly appreciated. It doesn't matter if you are having a family meal or sponsoring a fall event, this mold certainly can help you make a great impression.

Fall Weddings and Events

Finally, you can use the circle wheat harvest soap mold for event favors. If you already know how to make soap, it certainly isn't a stretch to make soap using the circle wheat harvest soap mold. This is an excellent idea for fall weddings, showers and other events. Your guests will love the personal touch, and you will have the ability to make affordable favors for your event, and you can even save money on your budget.

These are only a few ideas on how to use the circle wheat harvest soap mold from Top Molds. Other ideas for this mold are only limited by your own imagination. You can be sure that this soap mold will make an impression on your family and friends and always is easy for you to use.

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