Fancy Vines 2.5 Inch Square Soap Bar Mold

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Fancy Vines 2.5 Inch Square Soap Bar Mold



When you want a sophisticated soap, the fancy vines design of this square mold can be relied upon to produce superb results. With beautiful attention to detail, this silicone soap mold will give you the ability to create stunning soap designs that you will be proud to call your own. From personal gifts to professional products, this fancy vines square soap mold is always a great choice. The silicone construction of this soap mold ensures a flawless finish and long-lasting use.

Soaps do not have to be plain and simple. They can be ornate works of art with combinations of colors, unique ingredients, delicious fragrances, and intricate details. Whether you want to make soaps as beautiful gifts to give to friends and family, to start a professional small business, or simply because you love creating and crafting at home, Top Molds has many beautiful square soap molds, such as the Fancy Vines Mold, to choose from for your soap making endeavors. Getting started with soap making is fun and easy enough to do with your kids.

While making soaps at home is fun, it also gives you control over what you put into your soaps. You get to choose the special ingredients, the scents, and the dyes. Many of us are becoming more and more aware of the potential health impacts of the ingredients in our bath products. Creating beautiful, homemade soaps lets you dictate just what you want touching your skin and the skin of your loved ones. For example, soaps can be dyed with many natural products rather than chemical dyes. Some of the natural colorants that you can use are: turmeric for yellow, cocoa powder for brown, paprika for red, or chlorophyll for green. A little does seem to go a long way, though, so add the colors sparingly at first. Additionally, 100% pure essential oils are an amazing way to add natural fragrances to your soaps. Unique ingredients such as dried herbs, citrus peels, or dried berries can also be added to your soaps for an eye-catching appeal.

The intricately crafted silicone soap molds allow even the most inexperienced soap maker the ability to create beautiful, professional looking soaps every time. There are several different ways to make soap, and silicone soap molds work with each of the different methods:

  • Melt and Pour 
  • Cold Process 
  • Hot Process 
  • Rebatching

Each of these different soap making methods has its pros and cons so you will have to decide which is the most appealing to your crafting skills. Whether you want to buy glycerin base at the craft store to melt and pour, use your old soap pieces to rebatch, or make lye based soap the old fashioned way, you will get to choose the special ingredients, colorant, and fragrance to add to the soap. So, if you have an eye for detail and love unique and beautiful products, buy the Fancy Vines 2.5 Inch Square Soap Bar Mold from Top Molds for your next soap mold purchase.

Additional Information

L 3.1
H 1.4
W 3.1
length molded product (in) No
height molded product (in) No
width molded product No
weight molded product (ounces) No

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